Fixing gaps between teeth - at home clear aligners | NewSmile

Fixing Gaps Between Your Teeth

February 21, 2023

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A healthy smile through great dental care

A Healthy and Beautiful Smile 101

February 14, 2023

There are plenty of easy and accessible ways for anyone to get their ideal smile. We’ll outline just a few of the best ways here, including dental aligners!

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Woman experiencing dental aligner pain

How to Deal With Dental Aligner Pain

February 07, 2023

Some people experience pain and discomfort while using dental aligners. This piece will give some tips for mitigating this dental aligner pain.

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Free Impression Kit For Invisible Braces | NewSmile™

Sending Your Impression Kit Back For Clear Aligners

January 31, 2023

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Caring for your teeth after braces | NewSmile

Taking Care Of Teeth After Braces

January 24, 2023

When your dentist removes your braces, he or she will recommend that you wear your retainer consistently, day and night, for a couple of months. 

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9 Health Benefits Of Smiling | NewSmile™

9 Health Benefits Of Smiling

January 17, 2023

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Clear Aligners can be easily removed from brushing and flossing

Why Clear Dental Aligners Are Right For You

January 10, 2023

Did you know that there are dental alignment options beyond braces and surgery? This piece explains the advantages of clear dental aligners.

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Myths About Invisible Aligners | NewSmile™

Myths About Invisible Aligners

January 03, 2023

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Invisible Aligners For Straighter Teeth in 4-6 Months | NewSmile™

Why You Should Choose NewSmile™?

December 13, 2022

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Things To Avoid When Wearing Clear Aligners | NewSmile™

Things To Avoid When Wearing Clear Aligners

November 29, 2022

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Teeth whitening at home | NewSmile Invisible Aligners

Teeth Whitening Tips You Can Try At Home

November 22, 2022

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Keep your teeth straight after braces with retainers | NewSmile™

Keep Your Teeth Straight After Braces With Retainers

November 08, 2022

After your braces come off, depending on where they were in the first place, your dentist will determine if a fixed or removable retainer is best for your teeth.

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