Why choose NewSmile?


Get all your clear aligners in the mail | NewSmile

So what’s the solution?

NewSmile® created a teeth straightening process that’s easy and convenient for everyone. With NewSmile®clear teeth aligners, you can straighten your teeth right at home! We first mail you an easy-to-use impression kit so you can create molds of your teeth. Once you send the molds back, we will evaluate and manufacture your customized clear teeth aligners. We’ll then mail your aligners right to your home so you can immediately get started with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of NewSmile® Clear Aligners

No appointments, no waiting rooms

Licensed by Health Canada & U.S FDA approved

75% less than traditional treatments

No one knows you're wearing them

Did you know?


You'll receive an Impression Kit to create perfect moulds of your teeth at home. Book a video call with an Impression Specialist for help with your impressions. send them back using your pre-paid shipping label.


We will provide a 3D Treatment Preview of what your straight teeth will look like. You'll have a chance to approve this before we start making the aligners.


We'll send all of your clear aligners, a set of retainers, and professional teeth whitening in the mail. Simply wear them for a more confident smile in a few months.