Can You Eat Strawberries with Braces? Unraveling the Berry-Braces Mystery!

April 02, 2024

Oh, the age-old question: Can you eat strawberries with braces? If you're a fruit lover and you've recently gotten braces, this question might be top of mind. You're in luck! We're diving deep into this berry-braces conundrum.

Can You Eat Strawberries with Braces?
Well, folks, the short answer is: yes! But, as with all things in life, there's a bit more to it. Let's unravel the mystery.

  • Why the Concern?
    Braces are made up of brackets and wires, and strawberries, with their tiny seeds and fibrous nature, might seem like a potential hazard. "Better safe than sorry," as they say!

  • The Right Way to Eat Them:
    Now, don't just dive right in! Slice them, dice them, or even puree them. Taking strawberries in smaller bites can be the key to enjoying them without any hitches.

  • Strawberry smoothies are OK to drink while you are wearing braces. Smoothies are easy to drink and you can use a straw to try and avoid getting the smoothie on your teeth as much as possible.

  • However, once you’ve drunk your smoothie you should rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible. This will help remove any fruit bits from the crevices in your teeth and braces and get as much sugar as possible out of your mouth. This goes for all sugary and sweet food and drinks while you are wearing braces.

  • You should also aim to brush your teeth 30-60 minutes after (not straight after) drinking sugary drinks and food. In a pinch, you could always use a mouthwash if you are at work or school.

Benefits of Strawberries:
Why even bother, you ask? Besides being downright delicious, strawberries pack a punch in the health department.

    • Rich in Antioxidants:
      Strawberries, according to health experts and many a source, are loaded with antioxidants, vital for our body's well-being.

      Widespread internal inflammation contributes to multiple diseases, including heart disease. Lifestyle factors like a poor diet, low physical activity and smoking can lead to inflammation.

      Eating more strawberries is a step in the right direction to boost your heart health, says Flora. That’s because the most prevalent antioxidants in strawberries are anthocyanins, known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

    • Vitamin C Galore:
      A single serving can provide more than half of your daily vitamin C needs. Talk about a superfruit!

    • Strengthens your immune system

      Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which you need to get from food, as your body can’t produce it. In rare cases, people who don’t get enough of this crucial vitamin develop scurvy, a disease that causes bleeding, bruising and anemia.

    • Boosts brain power

      As your brain ages, it can lose some of its mental sharpness. But according to research, eating strawberries protects your brain’s processing powers as you get older.

    •  Protects heart health

      Flora says that popping a few strawberries in your mouth isn’t just a way to stave off hunger — it’s also a heart-healthy food choice. Research shows that strawberries can help prevent several conditions that can lead to heart disease and stroke, as well as diabetes, which increases the likelihood of heart disease. Eating more strawberries can help you lower cholesterol and decrease triglycerides 

    • Helps to manage blood sugar
    •   Too much glucose (sugar in your blood) is a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, making you more likely to develop heart disease, too. If you’re watching your blood sugar levels, strawberries are a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth. In a Finnish study, people who ate strawberries with a piece of white bread released 26% less insulin compared with eating bread with a cucumber. Participants also ate the bread with other berries, including raspberries and cranberries. Only strawberries weakened the post-meal blood sugar spike.

Potential Issues with Strawberries and Braces:
But wait a minute, before you go strawberry crazy, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Staining:
    Strawberries have a natural dye that could stain your braces. But with proper dental hygiene, this isn’t a big deal. So, brush and floss away!

  • Seeds Getting Stuck:
    Ah, those pesky little seeds! While they might not damage your braces, they can get caught. Solution? A quick swish of water post-snack!

    Unfortunately, you shouldn’t eat dried strawberries, or any type of dried fruit, while you are wearing braces. Dried fruit becomes really sticky and chewy after drying. That makes it dangerous for braces because it can loosen brackets and lead to extra visits to your orthodontist if one breaks off.

    Dried strawberries also get stuck easily in between braces. That sticky sugary mess can be hard to remove and lead to cavities.


  1. Can you eat strawberries with braces?
    Absolutely! Just be mindful of the seeds and potential staining.

  2. Is it advisable to eat strawberries daily with braces?
    In moderation, it's okay. But like everything else, don't overdo it.

  3. Do strawberries stain braces?
    They can, but regular dental hygiene can prevent this.

  4. Can you drink strawberry smoothies with braces?
    Smoothies are a fantastic way to enjoy strawberries without the worry of seeds. So, sip on!

  5. How to remove strawberry seeds stuck in braces?
    Rinsing your mouth or brushing should do the trick.

  6. Are there fruits to avoid with braces?
    Hard fruits like apples can be problematic if not sliced. Always choose soft fruits or cut them into smaller pieces.

Can You Eat Strawberries with Braces: A Personal Experience
Oh, the joy of savoring a sweet strawberry! I remember when I first got my braces, I was terrified of giving up on my favorite fruit. But guess what? With a bit of care and the right approach, I didn't have to! So, fellow brace-faces, dig in!

Concluding Thoughts:

 If you cut strawberries into small pieces and chew carefully, you can eat strawberries with braces. With braces, strawberries are a healthy and delicious food. Braces can be damaged by hard, crunchy, or sticky foods, so you should avoid these foods. Making your strawberries smaller will reduce the risk of damaging your braces and make them easier to chew. In order to keep your braces clean, rinse your mouth after eating strawberries with water. Ask your orthodontist or dentist for advice if you are concerned about eating strawberries with braces.
While the world of braces might seem daunting, with a bit of mindfulness, you can still indulge in your favorite treats. Strawberries and braces can, indeed, coexist harmoniously. So, the next time someone wonders, "Can you eat strawberries with braces?" you'll have the answer.