Misaligned Teeth and How to Treat It

Misaligned Teeth and How to Treat It

November 15, 2022

Each person is unique from one another, and this includes the teeth. Some people have more prominent teeth or smaller teeth, and some have aligned teeth or misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth may occur for many reasons and can cause several oral health problems like oral hygiene issues and bite problems, affecting self-esteem.

Several factors can cause teeth misalignment or malocclusion:

  • Genetics
  • Early primary tooth loss
  • Oral habits, like thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting,
  • Trauma to the teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene


The different treatment or prevention methods

Most people have malocclusion treated to improve their smile. But most people don’t know that misaligned teeth could also cause tooth damage when left untreated or interfere with daily tasks like speaking or chewing. Listed below are some treatment methods to fix teeth misalignment or even methods to prevent it.



Orthodontists, or dentists specializing in tooth alignment, utilize braces to treat most teeth alignment cases in children to adolescents. Most adults these days are also getting braces.

This treatment entails bonding metal brackets to each tooth and using wires and elastic bands. It is a standard treatment done for malocclusion, but some may not appreciate the appearance of this treatment. It also makes it difficult to clean in between the teeth and brackets.


Dental appliances

Dental appliances like clear aligners function like metal braces but are removable and made of transparent materials. This treatment method is better aesthetic-wise. They can also be called invisible or clear braces. It is easier to brush your teeth when using dental appliances than with teeth having braces. This treatment will have the user wear custom-made, clear aligners to help move the teeth back into their proper position.


Tooth extraction

A method to avoid future teeth misalignment is to extract baby teeth selectively. This procedure is done so that the future bigger, permanent teeth have more space to take the former tooth’s place.

This method is considered for children aged eight years old and above. The dentist will most likely extract the primary canine when the other front teeth are erupted to make space for the future permanent front teeth.



Crooked teeth can cause many problems like speech changes or even discomfort when chewing, aside from aesthetic issues. It’s best to visit a dentist to review your options on how to align misaligned teeth. Treating misaligned teeth at their early stages will perceive better and faster results.