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NewSmile: Impression Kit Tooth Straightening Delivery To Your Home


You'll receive an Impression Kit to create perfect molds of your teeth at home. Once you’ve completed the molds, you send them back to us using the pre-paid shipping label that’s included.


Our doctors create a preview of what your straight teeth will look like. You'll have a chance to give your approval before we start making the aligners.


We'll send all your aligners in the mail. Simply wear them and live your life uninterrupted. 

Wearing Aligners In The Military

Our invisible aligners go wherever you go. Get started with having an Impression Kit sent to you.

Bring all of your teeth straightening aligners and retainers, without monthly visits to the clinic. Unlike braces, our clear aligners are 100% approved for training and deployment. We make all your aligners and a set retainers together, and will ship them to you.

Military to get an additional £50 OFF our advertised price!